Education Vs Entertainment Time

Smart Activity Limit

We bet you let kids eat as many vegetables as they like, but set a sensible limit for desserts

Now you can do the same for screen time. Let kids use unlimited educational apps and apply the time limit to their entertainment apps.

Just tap on the “Entertainment limit” card and set a sensible limit. Experts recommend 2 hours so start with that and tune as you go.

You agree on a daily screen time allowance with your kids and ZenScreen will make sure that they stay within that limit. We will give them a 10-minute warning before they hit the time limit for that day and then we will shut down access to apps when they do hit the limit.

Kids see their own screen time usage just like you do, so that reduces anxiety and increases accountability.

App Blocking Modes – Two is Better Than One

If your child uses an iOS device, now you have 2 ways that you can block their app usage at bedtime or when they reach activity limit.

1. Pause Internet: Recommended for older kids who mostly use Internet-connected apps. We will block internet access on WiFi as well as cellular networks.

2. App Block: Recommended for kids who play lots of games. All apps, including games, will be disabled on their devices.
Important Note: on iOS devices, Apps will get reordered alphabetically on kid’s device.

When you set up the device, you will have a choice of these modes. And of course, you can change the selection any time from the settings on the parent device.

Just another way that ZenScreen tries to fit into your family’s lifestyle.

Happy Parenting.