Track and manage your own screen time

Many apps allow you to manage your kid’s screen time. While we think that ZenScreen is amongst the best apps in that category, we also feel that screen time management is not only good for kid’s health but also your own health and wellness.

In a recent survey conducted by us, a staggering 88% of you agreed with that and expressed interest in tracing and potentially managing your own screen time.

So we are delighted to introduce that ability in our ZenScreen 2.0 App today.

You can start by tracking your own screen time.

Once you are familiar and comfortable with the product experience, you can add kids and other family members to your account at any time.

Starting with yourself will also make it easier for you to convince your kid’s that screen time balance is a good thing and that you are leading by example on this topic.

However, if you are not ready for that yet, that is totally fine as well. As always, you can install the app all kid’s devices (for management) and your own device to set controls.

And you can always add yourself at a later point.

Hope you find this a big step forward in improving health and happiness of your entire family. As always, we love to hear your feedback.

– Your hardworking ZenScreen team.