Install “App Organizer” to keep iOS apps in order

ZenScreen has always given our users a choice of two blocking types:

1. Pause Internet
2. App Block

You can read all about the two modes here:

App Block is an awesome way to unplug for a while. The mental relaxation of not having apps stare at you and send you notifications all the time is something that is hard to describe and best experienced.

But there was a problem… due to a well known Apple bug, apps would get rearranged alphabetically when App Block was used. For many users, that is a hard tradeoff to make.

Well, now we have a solution to that problem. We call that “App Organizer”.

Installing “App Organizer” on your (or kid’s) iOS device is easy. Make sure you update your iOS app to version 3.1.0 from the App Store. Then launch ZenScreen, go to menu, and tap on “Install App Organizer”. Then follow the simple steps once and you are set.

Once you have followed the steps (including restarting the device), you can try “App Block” mode and decide for yourselves if you prefer that or “Pause Internet”. We will continue to support both modes.