Enable “Zen Breaks” and show social media apps who’s the boss!


Don’t let Social Media steal your time and happiness

Social media overuse

Enable “Zen Breaks” and show social media apps who is the boss!

Let’s face it, social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc are addictive for grown-ups and kids alike.
Designers and engineers at these companies have systematically built in addictive loops to bring up back to their apps. You get a quick hit of dopamine… they get more usage, advertising revenue, and end of year bonuses.
What if you could use these apps but always in moderation. What if an app worked on your behalf and gave you a mini break from social media every once in a while.
We are super excited to give you that kind of superpower. Update all the apps in the family to the latest version (2.1.0) and turn on Zen Breaks. We will detect when you have used social media apps too many times in a day and give you an hour-long mini-break from just those Apps. During the break, all your other apps will continue to work. And best of all, you get 3 cheats (skips) a day from these breaks as you get used to the new balance.
Our data shows that some kids use Snapchat 40+ times a day and often 5-8 times an hour. They need your help and guidance, they just don’t know to ask.