ZenScreen Journey Coming To An End

In 2017, we started ZenScreen because we felt very strongly that tech industry-driven screen addiction will be a significant problem for mental health and wellness of kids and adults alike.

Over the years, we have built a strong product with intelligent features to help people moderate screen time. We have great users who provided valuable feedback and showed patience as we continued to improve the app. We are proud that our app helped in providing millions of distraction-free hours.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you all… but unfortunately, it is time for us to shut down the service. 

We are very proud of the fact that following our innovation in this space, Apple and Google have taken screen time management seriously and have built-in digital wellness solutions into their platform. We believe that for most users, a solution that is natively built into the platform is going to work best. You can learn more about iOS here and Android here

Last day for ZenScreen service will be Oct 13, 2020. After that time, screen time usage reporting and blocking will cease to work. 

As a team, we are very passionate about digital safety and wellness solutions for families and kids. We will continue to work on new and innovative solutions in this space and hope to delight you all again with some new products soon.

Thank you for taking charge of your mental wellness. 

– ZenScreen Team.

Customize App Categories

We try to make ZenScreen as simple to use as possible. So we automatically categorize every app into 3 categories:

Entertainment: We count time spent on these apps and block them based on your settings

Productive: These apps are blocked only during Calm Nights and Quiet time

Ignore: These apps are never counted or blocked 

While we try to assign each app to the best category possible but we know that we will not get it right for each app. So now, we provide you with the ability to change the category of any app with one tap.

iOS App – Standard vs Advance Mode

We are constantly working hard to make ZenScreen easier to install and use. As part of that ongoing effort, we have introduced 2 modes of how you can use the iOS app.

Standard Mode: This mode is super simple to install and get started. In a matter of 2-3 taps, you are all set. You can use all smart controls like Smart Mornings, Zen Breaks, Daily time limit, etc.

What’s great about this mode is that if you already have an MDM Profile (Mobile Device Management) installed on your iOS device via your school or work, you can still use ZenScreen with Standard Mode.

Advance Mode: Once you have installed the standard mode, you will get the option to install Advance Mode for FREE. In Advance mode, we install an MDM profile that allows us to provide some more features to you. For instance:

  1. You can see time spent on individual apps (as opposed to the category of apps)
  2. You have the choice to make all apps disappear at night (if kids play offline games)
  3. You can change the category of each app installed on the device (as opposed to a list of ~100 in standard mode)

Hopefully, one of these modes will work great for you and your family and you continue your journey to better digital health 🙏🏼

Install “App Organizer” to keep iOS apps in order

ZenScreen has always given our users a choice of two blocking types:

1. Pause Internet
2. App Block

You can read all about the two modes here:

App Block is an awesome way to unplug for a while. The mental relaxation of not having apps stare at you and send you notifications all the time is something that is hard to describe and best experienced.

But there was a problem… due to a well known Apple bug, apps would get rearranged alphabetically when App Block was used. For many users, that is a hard tradeoff to make.

Well, now we have a solution to that problem. We call that “App Organizer”.

Installing “App Organizer” on your (or kid’s) iOS device is easy. Make sure you update your iOS app to version 3.1.0 from the App Store. Then launch ZenScreen, go to menu, and tap on “Install App Organizer”. Then follow the simple steps once and you are set.

Once you have followed the steps (including restarting the device), you can try “App Block” mode and decide for yourselves if you prefer that or “Pause Internet”. We will continue to support both modes.