ZenScreen is created by a team that believes that technology is a great servant but a horrible master. Finding the right balance of technology use is essential for optimal health and wellness.

We have built many apps over the past decade where the main goal was to increase usage and make them as addictive as possible. And we saw first hand the adverse impact that had on our kids and family.

We built ZenScreen as a way to help our families and friends find the right screen time balance. 

ZenScreen uses sophisticated AI technology yet aims to be simple and delightful to use.  We hope you enjoy it!

Meet the team

Nitin Bhandari
Co-founder and CEO
Father of 2, Loves to build new products, MSEE from Caltech. Previously co-founder at Skyfire. Foodie, Golf, NBA fan
Naveen Puvvula
Co-founder, Technology
Engineer at the core and loves building products. Built mobile solutions since the very first smartphone and veteran of multiple startups.
Jack Furr
Co-founder, Server Lead
Father of 2. Efficiency is his middle name. Full stack coder for 20+ years. Loves startup hustle.
Sean Miceli
Founding engineer
Loves to build iOS apps, machine learning apps, image recognition, etc. Grew up racing motocross, dabbled in martial arts, and loves to read
David Mihal
Web developer
Loves experimenting with new web technologies. His office is any corner of the world with a decent WiFi connection.
Matej Vida
Android Lead
CTO of Clover Studio in Zagreb, Croatia.
Marijan Šikić
Android Dev

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  • +1.408.515.1964

  • support@zenscreen.ai

  • 75 E Santa Clara St, Floor 6, San Jose CA 95113, USA